Saori Ninomiya

Saori Ninomiya-Shimano

After graduating from the Music College in Japan, Saori Ninomiya moved to Vienna. She was awarded a Special Prize by ANA (All Nippon Airways) at the Kitakyusyu Art Festival Competition in Japan. She was invited to the concert of Yomiuri New Musician under the auspices of the Yomiuri Newspaper company in Japan. She majored in the study of piano performance under Prof. Branko Czuberka and Prof. Julika Behar at Konservatorium der Stadt Wien (the Conservatory of the City of Vienna). With her career taking her to Austria, Croatia, Italy, Malaysia and Japan, she has worked and performed with many musicians as a chamber pianist, korrepetitorin, orchestral keyboard player and licensed piano pedagogician by Austrian (EU) National Licensing Board.

She also studied chamber music under Altenberg Trio, Prof. Branko Czuberka and Prof. Julika Behar. Her additional studies were under Prof. Herwig Zelle (former Principal Violist of Radio Symphony Orchestra), Altenberg Trio, Prof. Alexander Arenkow, Prof. Volker Altman (Hornist of Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra), and Prof. Alexander Ölberger (Oboist of Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra) at Konservatorium der Stadt Wien.

She was a Korrepetitorin of the viola class of Prof. Zelle. As a soloist, she performed at the Camerata Musica Wien under the directorship of Uwe Cernajsek. Her other notable performances were: Printemps des poètes/Salon littéraire musical with Siegfried Schopper, Poet/Violinist at the Institut Français de Vienne (introduced by Radio France), Ball in Savoy with various singers at the Festival Hall in Vienna, Concert Islandic Music Night under the auspices Swarovski with Thorhallur Bárdasson, Baritone and Örvar Már Kristinsson, Tenor in “Kristallwelten” Swarovski in Austria.